This series of littering bins would always to bring people the feeling of comfort and warm. The leather-print could always remind people of how relaxed they feel when they lay on sofas. The Jinke team wish this set of trash cans would make users stay happy.

Leather Littering Bin

SKU: ZD-0092-2
Theme Color
Frame Finish
    • Type: Decorative Littering Bin
    • Size: (L)15.28x(W)15.28x(H)27.56" / (L)388x(W)388x(H)700 mm 
    • Weight: 33.07lbs / 15kg
    • Materials: Aviation Aluminum, Acrylic
    • Packaging: 2 Items/ Carton
    • Suitable Applications: Indoor, Office Area, Lobbies, Restaurants